Spring Web Flow RC 1 Released

Spring Web Flow RC1 has been released. Spring Web Flow allows you to capture page flows within a web application and can be used to build applications that guide users through a series of steps in a buisness process.

The new and noteworthy features in RC1 include:

  • Improved support for managing stateful business components
  • Enhanced support for flow variables, created automatically when a flow starts
  • A new flow execution redirect response type, for redirecting to a unique “flow execution URL”
  • Refinements in state exception handling, with convenient support for transition-executing state exception handlers
  • Improvements in flow attribute mapping support.
  • Support for dynamic view name and target state expressions
  • Enhanced JSF integration

See http://www.springframework.org/node/267 for more details.

Are you using Spring Web Flow within your applications? If so, what sort of applications are you developing?