GlassFish Crib Sheet

I’ve listed below some of the more common uses of the Glassfish asadmin command. Hopfully this is a useful crib sheet showing how to do some of the more common administration/day-to-day tasks in Glassfish.

You can get a complete list of commands by typing asadmin –help

Command | Description
------- | ----------- asadmin start-domain | Start a domain asadmin stop-domain | Stop a domain asadmin create-domain | Create a new domain asadmin backup-domain | Backup a domain asadmin list-domains | List installed domains asadmin restore-domain | Restore a previously backed up domain asadmin start-database | Start the embedded Java Database asadmin stop-database | Stop the embedded Java Database asadmin create-jdbc-connection-pool | Create a new Database connection pool asadmin create-jdbc-resource | Create a new JDBC connection asadmin list-jdbc-connection-pools | List the database connection pools asadmin list-jdbc-resource | List the JDBC connections asadmin deploy | Deploy a component asadmin undeploy | Undeploy a component asadmin list-components | List components (e.g. web and EJB modules) deployed to the server asadmin list-sub-components | List the components (servlets & EJBs) deployed inside web and EJB modules